Amazon Prime Day Seems Set For A Bonanza, But 46% Plan To Skip It, Study Says

Consumers are eagerly gearing up for Amazon Prime Day on October 13-14 -- but not all of them, according to a study by Allocadia.

While there has been a 5% increase in the number of expected participants YoY, 46% plan to skip it.

But 80% of 35- to-44 year-olds and 77% of those 65 and over plan to shop.

Surprisingly, 81% of the latter cohort did not participate in 2019, showing that COVID-19 may be affecting shopping patterns. 

Gen Zers, meanwhile, are drawn to virtual events.

Five psychological triggers are motivating purchases:

- Retail therapy, or “shopper’s high.”

- Competition — The thrill of buying something in short supply.

- Escapism — To fight boredom.

- Shopping momentum — The consumer has already started, and it’s hard to stop.

- Perceived value — The motivation of saving money. surveyed

Allocadia surveyed 1,000 U.S. consumers.  


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