New Tool Can Analyze Google Footprint Based On Gmail Address: Report

Researchers have identified an open-source tool they say allows snoops to scrape Google account data.

The new tool, GHunt, allows security people to analyze a person’s Google footprint based on an email address, according to a report in The Daily Swig.  

This includes the individual’s name, Google ID, YouTube channel and Google services such as Photos and Maps, the report says.

GHunt can also “reveal public photos, phone model, make, firmware and installed software, and potentially, the user’s physical location,” The Daily Swig alleges. 

Thomas Hertzog, who developed the tool, tells The Daily Swig that “GHunt is for people curious about the public information generated by their Google activity and what an attacker might extract from it, or people using OSINT in their work, such as in threat hunting.”



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