Consumers Plan To Shop Online, But Are Worried About Their Data, Study Finds

Most U.S. consumers will do some or all of their shopping online this holiday season. But they are worried about data security, according to a study by PCI Pal, a provider of payment tools.

Of the consumers polled, 70% agree they will buy online. But they are loyal, with 86% planning to shop with their favorite retailers, 54% planning to shop online and 32% planning to shop in-store.

However, 60% are more concerned about data security due to COVID-19, and 20% see online shopping as the least secure method of purchasing. In contrast, 57% say buying in-store is the most secure way.

But 70% say a single data breach or slip-up would cause them to stop shopping with a brand — perhaps permanently. Meanwhile, 36% prefer email for their customer service needs, while 33% choose the phone. 

In a separate finding, 46% say social media is their least trusted shopping channel.

“Retailers face an unpredictable and unexpectedly challenging year due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” concludes Geoff Forsyth, CISO at PCI Pal.

Forsyth adds, “What they can control, however, is delivering a seamless, secure shopping experience in-store and across digital shopping channels to offer customers much-needed peace of mind this holiday season.”



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