What Do Insta Influencers Actually Earn?

Here's the story: In 2020, Instagram influencers received an average $180 for a story -- the feature that enables users to share multiple photos and videos, appearing together in a slideshow format; $370 for a feed post, when photos and videos show up in the feeds of followers; and $670 for a video, according to the latest annual pricing trends research from influencer marketing platform Klear.

Unsurprisingly, celebrities with more than 500K followers earn the most for their contributions, including an average $2,738 for a feed post and $4,678 for a video. Those with fanbases ranging between 30,000 and 500,000 also earn tidy sums, netting $535 for a post and $960 for a video. Nano influencers, defined as those with 500 to 5,000 followers, earn a meager $65 per post, but can grab $111 for a video.

Gen Z-ers are the highest earners, with average rates surpassing Millennials' for stories ($245 vs. $229), feed posts ($520 vs. $448), and videos ($807 vs. $796). Teens are also earning significant cash, averaging $170 for a post, $283 for a video, and $73 for a story. The oldest tracked influencer group, Gen X-ers, receive $211 for a post, $241 for a video, and $122 for a story.

Although female influencers make up 84% of the influencer industry, up from last year’s 77%, the male/female influencer pay gap continues to grow. In 2019, female influencers earned $108 less on average than males; in 2020, the gap rose to $128, or by 18%.

There is also a strong gender divide by category. Female influencers dominate do-it-yourself (94% vs. 6%), parenting (93% vs. 7%), beauty (92% vs. 8%) and fashion (80% vs. 20%). Males have a stronger presence in photography (51% vs 49%), travel (63% vs. 37%) and fitness (65% vs. 35%).

These category differences are likely the reason behind the salary gaps, particularly because this year, due to the pandemic's hit, fashion influencer rates dropped 18% year-over-year, to $358, and beauty influencer rates dropped 15%, to $344.

It's more lucrative to be an Instagram influencer in London than Paris. In the U.K., influencer rates average around $500 for an Instagram collaboration, compared to $377 in Germany, $341 in Australia, $263 in Italy, $204 in Spain, and $173 in France. These variations could be due to numerous factors, such as influencer type, audience, content format. Or perhaps conversion of rates.

Klear’s Influencer Marketing Pricing Report analyzed a sample of 4,850 Instagram influencers from January-August 2020 through statistical analysis of trends and demographics.



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