Lotame Unveils Cookieless Identity Solution

Lotame has introduced a people-based identity solution for a cookieless open web.

Powered by the company’s graphing technology, Panorama ID connects all types of device identifiers associated with individual behaviors and privacy choices into one view without dependence on cookies.

Andy Monfried, CEO of Lotame, said that third-party targeting challenges and mounting privacy regulations that have created an identity crisis in digital are the reason the company has created the solution.

It took 18 months from idea to deployment to build the solution. Building a privacy compliance framework that adheres to the various privacy standards in different regions globally was not easy, since the platform is available for use worldwide.  

Brands do not need to be Lotame customers to use the identifier.

Panorama ID will incorporate a universal opt-out, so consumers can opt out once, and that choice is reflected in real-time and honored across every digital point, device and place where the consumer is identified.  



The challenge also points to iOS and Facebook, which must adopt the principles of the Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media (PRAM).

The caveat is that these companies must commit to the principles of Transparency, Accountability, and Control, and agree to allow publishers and marketers to transact on the Panorama ID. If they do, then there are no technical challenges to using this.

The IAB’s Socioeconomic Impact of Internet Tracking February 2020 report found that if third-party cookies completely phase out before a replacement is found, “there would be a shift of between $32 billion and $39 billion of advertising from the open web to the walled gardens by 2025.”

Built specifically for the open web, Lotame believes its solution ensures that advertising outside the bounds of Google, Facebook and Amazon will still be possible once cookies are no longer available. 

Panorama ID runs on all types of digital advertising players and offers interoperability through an API. Created for the open web, marketers can use deterministic data like customer IDs and emails, and publicly available web data.

Through the ID, Lotame believes marketers and publishers have the ability to protect consumer privacy, increase ad-targeting accuracy, measure campaigns, frequency cap ads by individual, and more.

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