T-Mobile Ramps Up National TV Marketing Amid Packaging Changes, Cable TV Network Disputes

As T-Mobile’s virtual pay TV provider TVision changes a key network package option due to accusations from multiple cable TV executives who say there is a breach of carriage deals, the new service has been ramping up national TV marketing spend.

Over a two-week period, since November 10, TVision has had 28 TV commercial airings, with $3.35 million in total national TV spend, according to iSpot.tv.

Much of its effort has been around sports TV programming --- with eight airings for NFL football, six on college football, two on SEC football, two on ESPN’s “SportsCenter with Scott Van Pelt” and one on the ABC’s “American Music Awards.”

T-Mobile’s main package -- TVision Live -- offers more than 30 TV networks for $40 a month, which feature major broadcast and cable networks with emphasis on sports and news content.



In addition, the initial TVision announcement also offered T-Mobile Vibe -- with 33 cable TV network channels for an additional $10 a month.

In response, executives from TV network groups with sizable cable networks --such as Discovery, and reportedly from ViacomCBS -- accused T-Mobile of being in breach of contract, saying their networks should not be separated from its main TVision Live package.

In result of that criticism, and as part of a holiday deal announcement offer released last week, T-Mobile now says that for a limited time, 33 TVision Vibe channels will be included at no cost for those buying its TVision Live package.

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