Omnicom's SSCG, Nielsen Co-Develop First-Of-Its-Kind Planning Tool

Calling it a first, SSCG Media Group, Omnicom’s big healthcare media planning and buying agency, has launched a syndicated media-planning tool co-developed with Nielsen. The agency says it helps to better identity and effectively communicate with health-care professionals.

The new planning tool, which is exclusive to SSCG, will enable agency strategists to identify the optimal channel mix for client campaigns aimed at HCPs by pharma and other healthcare brands.

According to the agency, syndicated channel planning tools to date have only existed for mainstream consumer brands, so it considers the new tool a breakthrough in targeting HCPs.  

Jay Wofsy, senior vice president, planning and ad intel at Nielsen, said the new software program integrates the company’s technology with SSCG’s first-party data, providing “a view of multiple planning scenarios based on market insights, investment and campaign objectives for more refined channel and budget allocation." 



ChannelDX aims to align campaign objectives with what motivates HCPs to engage with or use specific media channels for professional purposes. It helps to determine which channels are most effective in achieving brand objectives, along with the impressions needed to effectively drive engagement.

This allows SSCG media planners to identify the point of diminishing returns for paid media channels, ultimately aiding in how total media budget should be allocated across each channel.


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