The Variable Launches Its Own Black Friday Deals

While shoppers are scoring deals on Black Friday discounts, agency The Variable is introducing its own holiday discount to clients under the “Year to Forget Event.”

The promotion offers discounted services like 50% off creative concept development and 40% off innovation sprint sessions. 

This first-time agency discount toggles between having a “little fun” while showcasing the agency, states David Mullen, president/partner, The Variable. 

He adds a “few conversations with forward-thinking marketing professionals would certainly be welcomed.”

“A few weeks ago, we were thinking about ways we could help brands who are still trying to find their footing and set the stage for a stronger future, and a few of our folks started talking about this idea to leverage the timeliness of retailers’ holiday doorbusters by offering the same on some of our services,” Mullen explains. “It was a fun idea and it all came together ridiculously fast over the last two weeks.”



The agency’s creative team has produced several seasonal TV spots mimicking cliche holiday ads to entice potential brand partners. “The World’s Greatest Marketing Director” opens with a woman waking up to a big red bow leading her out to her driveway, where she expects to find a brand new Lexus in the garage, but instead discovers her husband has gotten her the gift of a brand new advertising agency.

Another ad uses Variable staffers to replicate the familiar colorful clothing retailer’s holiday spot featuring dancers, rollerblades and an upbeat original jingle.

Both videos will run in paid social campaigns across LinkedIn, YouTube in-stream and Twitter, and target brand C-Suite executives and marketing leaders.



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