Interest Spikes For 'Cognitive Computing,' 'Customer Advisory Board,' 'Brand Protection'

Not long ago, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and chatbots were little more than science-fiction pipe dreams. Today, these innovative digital marketing trends are many business leaders’ top priorities. 

 “Cognitive computing” saw increased interest among brands and agencies during the second week of November. Defined as “the simulation of human thought processes in a computerized model,” cognitive computing employs various information sources and technologies to mimic how the human brain works. 

Week after week, our analysis of intent data reveals more organizations waking up to the importance of artificial intelligence and machine learning, as companies take steps to move technology into every part of their business. Still, humans play an integral role in this process and in applying machine-learning-driven solutions to real-world problems.



I have previously touched on a few of the ways humans and machines can enhance each other's strengths. In fact, Forrester predicts 10% of budgets next year will go to emotion analytics, like sentiment analysis, which gets at the heart of “why” customers are buying, as companies seek additional insight into how people feel after each purchase and each interaction with a brand. 

Communication among people has changed drastically over the past 20 years, starting with the development of social media. Humans use multiple channels to communicate with each other, such as tone of voice, appearance, and body language – and their interests and behaviors are getting harder to predict in an increasingly digital world. 

Another popular search term Bombora found to be popular among brands this week was “customer advisory board (CAB).” In a post-COVID world, qualitative data can provide an additional layer of contextual understanding and social intelligence into aspects of behavior, perceptions, and lived experiences often missed by researchers. Even in a virtual environment, having a trusted group of strategically minded advisors is a great way to truly understand your customers and advise company management on industry trends and business priorities. 

With 2020 winding down, marketers are in planning mode for next year. This includes future-proofing their “brand protection” strategies. As disruptions brought on by the pandemic continue to impact marketing strategies, it’s up to brands to make sure they are prepared for challenges to their multichannel online ecosystem of marketplaces, domains, social media, and more, as we enter 2021.

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