Marchex Ties Revenue-Generating Conversations To Campaigns

Marchex has developed technology that ties revenue-generating conversations to specific marketing campaigns that generate them.

The platform, Marchex Marketing Edge, aggregates conversational data across multiple communications channels such as phone calls, text, and chat, as well as the web forms that people complete using artificial intelligence to identify and classify the conversations that drive sales.  

The idea is to tie a variety of conversations and track performance from multiple marketing channels to make smarter media buys.

“Marketers are challenged to know the value of how their digital marketing campaigns perform in relation to offline channels, such as phone calls, text, and chat, and web forms,” said Brian Craig, Marchex vice president of analytics marketing and product management.

Marketing Edge brings together multi-touch attribution, AI-powered intelligence that scores and classifies the conversations, and integrated with Marchex sales.



It captures conversational data across multiple channels, identifying keywords that marketers can use in search, digital or video advertisements. The company has offered marketers the ability to tie these keywords into SEO and paid search advertising campaigns, along with social, video and other media. Now it can tie-in words captured in calls, texts and other digital media.

Craig says the company is moving to a model of the conversation independent of the consumer communication channel.

Marketers can identify the keywords from the conversations and use them to build into ads and across text, chat, web forms and other interactions.

Separate from this announcement, the company also offers an intelligent messaging or texting solution that it calls Marchex Sonar, a real-time engagement platform.

It has the ability to engage with calendaring systems to book an appointment online based on the person’s availability.

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