5 Ways Brands Can Win Over Female Holiday Shoppers During Pandemic

With local lockdowns looming and COVID-19 cases spiking in many states, holiday retailers will have to rethink the holiday shopping season in order to meet sales goals.  

In a recent survey of 958 female shoppers, 83% indicated they will be doing over 60% of their shopping online this year.  This means retailers can expect fewer women strolling their aisles, and even fewer children pointing to must-have toys while gripping Mom’s hand.  

All is not lost for brands who are willing to pivot to align their products and shopping experiences to the current shopping behaviors of female holiday shoppers.  Here are five things to do today to boost seasonal sales. 

Make sure online reviews are fresh and numerous. Ninety percent of women admit to reading reviews before purchasing a product.  With limited trips to the store to touch and feel a product, there will be increased need to read reviews.  



Reach out to your current customers and remind them to leave a review, or reward recent buyers with future discounts for leaving their review. But remember, never pay for a review.   It’s likely to come off as unauthentic. 

Gain placement in digital gift guides for your product.  Most marketers look to influencers for Instagram posts, but many influencers also publish digital gift guides.  Influencers not only recommend products in these guides but they heavily promote them to their followers.  If you are currently working with influencers, ask them if they publish a gift guide. 

Don’t forget about Pinterest.  In a separate survey of 600 Moms, 76% say they start their buying journey on Pinterest, seeking out creative ideas.  The digital gift guides mentioned above are always promoted on Pinterest, making it a great source for shoppers.  Women search Pinterest by solutions or challenges, so make sure your content has a benefit twist to it.  For instance, “3 Gifts for the Hard to Buy for Man” or “Hot Toys for Teens.”    

Promote curbside pick-up. More than 80% of women say they have adapted curbside pickup since last March and will continue to use it well after COVID is eradicated.  Include your delivery and pick-up options in social posts as well as print advertising.  Curbside pickup is a must for 2020 retailers if they want to attract female shoppers. 

Host virtual parties that showcase your product.  This most likely is the newest and MOST effective marketing tactic of 2020.  Influencers receive a virtual party kit with your product and invite friends to join along as they experience it. It’s the perfect combination of in-home sampling party meets social media. 

It’s not too late to win over the female shopper in time to capture her holiday spending.  Best of all, these tactics are easy to implement and can be done quickly.  Happy holidays.

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