ShopFluency Offers Data Tools To Help Small Brands ID Their Best Customers

Data management services are being offered by a 2020 entry to the data field. 

The new entity, ShopFluency, is a division of Lift361, an analytics consulting firm.

Smaller e-commerce and DTC brands can use ShopFluency to gain access to the data analytics used by larger companies, it claims.

The resulting customer profiles can enhance a brand’s tactics by “bridging the gap to merchandising and customer services so everyone can be using the same language,” states Seth Hirsch, co-founder of ShopFluency.

In addition, a new API integration with Klaviyo and Mailchimp allows brands to maintain segmented email lists and customize their messaging based on each profile.

Hirsch continues, "Being able to clearly articulate who your best customers are is a gray area for a lot of businesses. They may have the tools to do this broadly, but they can't drill down to specifics.”



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