Nissan Preps National Rollout Of Online Shopping Program

Nissan North America is expanding a pilot online shopping program that will allow consumers to buy a vehicle without leaving their homes. 

The program, which has been christened Nissan@Home, was tested at seven Nissan dealerships over the summer. Additional dealers can now enroll, which could enable availability throughout the U.S. by this spring, per the automaker.

A customer will be able to schedule and complete a test drive, manage the purchase process, take delivery, and handle service needs from a computer, tablet or mobile phone. They can transition into a Nissan dealership at any time during the process, or complete the deal from a remote location of their choice: their home, a local coffee shop or anywhere they have online access.

Nissan@Home gives customers the ability to purchase a vehicle on their terms, said Dan Mohnke, vice president, ecommerce, Nissan North America.



"Through this new program, Nissan dealers can provide a better customer experience which can, in turn, help improve their own business performance,” Mohnke says in a release.

The pilot ran in Virginia, Michigan, Texas, Florida and Illinois. Each dealership recommended that Nissan proceed with a nationwide rollout.

One dealer, Dan Banister, owner of Banister Nissan of Chesapeake and Banister Nissan of Norfolk, both in Virginia, called the test program remarkable.

“Our sales close-rate nearly doubled with customers who used this online shopping solution,” Banister says in a release.  “You see what’s happening now with holiday shopping. Online buying is massive and absolutely what today’s consumer is wanting. COVID-19 has only increased that demand.”

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