Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing Lands On Dell Monitors As CES 2021 Goes Virtual

Microsoft may have scored a big win in the world of virtual communications for play and work. Dell on Tuesday announced three new monitors set to launch in February. All will come with a dedicated Microsoft Teams button.

Dubbed as the “world’s first video conferencing monitors,” these three monitors, certified for Microsoft Teams, offer rapid access to the video-conferencing platform.

The button allows users to launch the Microsoft Teams video-conferencing tool quickly to make and receive video calls. Hands-free commands will also be supported through the virtual assistant Cortana and the built-in microphone.

While this might be the first time that a monitor manufacturer has added a Teams button, The Verge reports that headset manufacturers added buttons last year that support Microsoft’s communications app.

Manufacturers have integrated their headphones with teams as use of the app began to increase during the COVID-19 pandemic and people began working from home.

Microsoft also is the official technology partner for CES 2021.

The monitors were announced just days before the virtual event, which is typically held in Las Vegas but is now virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A major theme of this year’s CES conference will be at-home worker productivity and better ways to collaborate.

LG, per Techradar, could reveal a bendable gaming monitor with a screen that can add curves to a flat screen at the touch of a button. 

Foldable smartphones are on the way too, along with TVs that can roll- and fold-up.

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