Firm Debuts 'Privacy As A Service'

ZenPrivata is offering a new "privacy as a service" capability that it calls Privacy Impact as a Service.

The new service helps firms implement privacy controls and legal protections, and to improve internal collaboration, the company says. 

It also provides a privacy roadmap for the year to help companies navigate privacy laws and avoid potential fines. 

“Many organizations are still scrambling to find their personally identifiable information (PII) to meet global and local privacy mandates, which is not nearly enough,” states Scott Schlimmer, co-founder and COO of ZenPrivata.

Matthew Wainwright, CEO at MCPlus, adds that many firms “lack proper resources and training to successfully deploy an effective privacy program.” 

They also suffer from not having a privacy lifecycle, Wainwright continues. 

Zen Privacy Impact helps executives communicate their privacy posture to leadership and get buy-in for programs, adds states George Wrenn, co-founder and CEO of ZenPrivata.




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