Social Platform GoPoolit Launches

GoPoolit, a UK-based global startup platform designed to help nonprofits raise funds, is launching.

The platform positions itself as “social media for good.” That’s great. I can definitely use a little good in my social media, given all the bizarre and hateful ways it’s been so abused in recent years.

GoPoolit's main idea is to let users post the creative stuff they'd post on other social networks, and then nominate a charity in their posts and share it across all their usual social networks from the GoPoolit platform.

Instead of a “like,” followers on GoPoolit have the opportunity to pool some small change to the post that goes to the nominated charity. The more viral the post goes, of course, the more money is raised for the charity.

At launch, the platform is working with about 60 nonprofits. Among them are  Motley Zoo Animal Rescue, the Blue Mountain Humane Society, World Vision, SOS Children’s Villages and Habitat for Humanity.  

“Imagine if every post you ever made on Facebook or Twitter could be monetized into micro-donations for a cause you care deeply about,” says GoPoolit’s Matt Turner.

The GoPoolit website and Android app are now live in the US and Canada. With an iOS app coming soon, the GoPoolit website is compatible on all mobile browsers so that iPhone users can also sign up and engage with the site.

Apparently many Americans feel the way I do about social media these days. According to the Pew Research Center, almost two-thirds of Americans think social media has a mostly negative impact on the state of their country.

The GoPoolit folks believe that translates to a strong need among users for a new platform focused on social good.

I think they’re on to something.

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