Whither The Lincoln Project Now That Trump Is Gone?

As Lincoln Project co-founder Reed Galen stated in an email the other day before Trump waddled out of Washington early Wednesday, the Insurrectionist-In-Chief “will be a disgraced ex-president, failed businessman and a Twitter-less private citizen.”

Now that he is gone, out of office and hunkered down, sulking no doubt at his Florida enclave Mar-a-Lago, you might be thinking the LP, with its stated mission of dethroning Trump accomplished, might be breaking down its ad-making operation.

Guess again.

“We aren’t going anywhere,” co-founder Reed Galen said in an email this week. Which is good, as the mission may not be completely accomplished. It remains to be seen if Trump becomes the proverbial cockroach that just won’t die (politically speaking). In a statement just before heading south, Trump said he’d be back.

No doubt the LP, MediaPost's Creative Agency Of The Year, will be making ads in the near future expounding on why conviction in the Senate is critical. And I can see other ads demanding the Senate subsequently vote to banish Trump from public office for the rest of his days.



In the meantime, LP’s Galen says the group has other fish to fry: “All those who sought to overturn our free and fair election in the Sedition Caucus must pay a price for betraying our country and defying their oath,” he stated. 

The group is also celebrating the new Biden administration with a couple of new ads, released today that have already garnered hundreds of thousands of views.

As Galen stated in his email: “For the first time in four years, the sitting president won’t be a national security land mine, a walking Emoluments Clause violation, or a nepotist pimp dealing spoils and favors to loyalists and the highest bidders.”

That’s right, folks. Joe Biden actually wants to serve the public and fulfill the duties of president — not just hold the title for ego gratification and a lot of self-dealing.

I’m glad LP is sticking around. Like I said, the cockroach ain’t dead yet.



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