Netflix Grows Daily Streaming Usage By 16% In 2020

Amid strong overall double-digit percentage digital video gains in 2020, Netflix and YouTube continue to be leaders in digital video usage per day, according to eMarketer.

Netflix has risen 16% to 31 minutes per day in 2020 versus the year before, while YouTube was up 8% to 27 minutes.

Hulu added 31% to 17 minutes a day, while Amazon Prime Video gained 29% to nine minutes a day.

Disney+ was at six minutes a day for its first full year of operation.

The study includes all video time spent with the medium, regardless of multitasking efforts with other devices.

In the second quarter of 2020, Nielsen says Netflix commanded a 34% share of all video streaming, YouTube was at 20%, while Hulu came in at 11%, followed by Amazon Prime Video at 8%, Disney+ at 4% and all others at 23%.

Traditional TV usage — live and time-shifted — still commands the lion’s share of U.S. viewer’s time per day.

In the first quarter of 2020, Nielsen says total day live and time-shifted viewing was four hours and 16 minutes, down from 11 minutes in the same period the year before. Total connected TV on all devices was at one hour/six minutes, up 12 minutes from the year-before period.



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