New CTV Ad Fraud: $30M To $50M In Theft

Bigger connected TV advertising fraud schemes keep coming.

Just two months after what DoubleVerify said was the largest CTV fraud attack, the digital media-measurement and media verification platform says a new scheme -- called ParrotTerra -- has spoofed 3.7 million devices and 2.7 million IP addresses per day.

This attack is on track to steal between $30 million and $50 million. DoubleVerify says ParrotTerra operates by generating fake CTV inventory across apps, IPs and devices.

Before ParrotTerra, StreamScam was estimated to have stolen $14.5 million from advertising and publishers starting in December. Initially, DoubleVerify identified the fraud scheme in July 2020, then known at LeoTerra.

CTV fraud impressions have more than tripled in 2020 versus 2019, according to DoubleVerify. The company cites CTV advertisers as spending around $20 for the cost per thousand users (CPMs), according to eMarketer.

Recently, DoubleVerify released a video filtering protection effort, which prevents ads from serving against fraudulent inventory on CTV, mobile and desktop platforms.

DoubleVerify gets data from an ad request, and then runs it through fraud brand safety and geo detection models to ensure advertising is not served on fraudulent impressions.



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