Jumpshot Vet Eli Goodman Cofounds Datos, Challenge Is Sourcing New Data Sets

Datos, a global clickstream data provider, officially launched Wednesday with industry veteran and cofounder Eli Goodman at the helm as CEO.

Brands and agencies “have a limitless appetite for privacy-compliant data,” Goodman said.

The clickstream data includes insights from URL sequencing on desktop and mobile devices. The URLs tell a wealth of stories, such as product used, videos watched, websites visited, and purchases. It’s about deterministic actions that people take on the internet related to various topics, including search activity, viewing, and purchasing.

SEMrush, an online visibility management platform, took a financial stake and became a partner in the company. Datos’ board consists of its three cofounders: Eli Goodman, Serge Jakovs and Stan Korelchuk.  

With millions of opt-in panelists, Datos’ main data solutions have recently launched from private beta and are being used by a select group of global companies to provide search, retail, video, and consumer journey intelligence.

Apple’s and Google’s data policies will influence Datos’ business model, but Goodman said there are many other browsers and software with opt-in features. The company may have to plan for Google one day, choosing to keep its data from marketers at any time.

“We’re planting a tree, not based on what it looks like today, but in the future,” he said. “There’s still a need for data outside of walled gardens.”

The biggest challenge will become the ability to continually source new data sets.

Goodman’s experience with data, however, goes deep. He served as Jumpshot’s vice president of sales, where he headed sales operations, business development and strategic partnerships. He was responsible for driving more than $20 million in annual revenue by early 2020.  His central focus was licensing clickstream data to sophisticated data engines, institutional finance, market research, management consulting companies and intelligence platforms. 

Jumpshot, which Avast, a web security company, owned and shutdown in January 2020, collected data from across the web, including within walled gardens. The company analyzed the data and then, unknown to consumers, sold it to third-party customers that included tech giants Microsoft, and Google, and brands such as Pepsi, and Home Depot.

“Datos will not traffic in personally identifiable information,” Goodman said. “When we license data, there’s no cookies, mobile and user IDs, or email addresses. We exist for intelligence, not targeting.”

Prior to Jumpshot, Goodman served as the senior director of sales and media evangelist at Comscore, where he also oversaw thought leadership functions. As the media evangelist, he delivered more than 100 conference keynote and panel presentations during his nine-year tenure and was responsible for a meaningful portion of the growth of their public voice in the data space.

Why name the new company “Datos”? It’s Spanish for data, Goodman said. “It’s a nice simple, smooth word,” he said. “The word rolls off the tongue.”

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