Google Ads Lead Forms Convert Consumers Without Clicking Through

Google Ads updated its lead-generation form so it serves up when people tap the headline of a paid-search ad -- rather than making them click through -- and guides them to a landing page.

The feature is available in search, video, and Discovery. The idea is to allow people to submit their information in a form in a brand’s ad.

When someone clicks on a headline from an ad, the lead form serves up in the search engine results page (SERP) rather than requiring them to click through to an advertiser’s landing page to complete the form.

Google notes the benefits as generating leads, increasing conversions, and improving ad engagement.

To use lead form extensions, brands must have a good history of policy compliance, a Google Ads account in an eligible vertical or sub-vertical. Sensitive verticals like adult content are not eligible to participate.

When brands create a lead form extension in Google Ads, they must link to their privacy policy. The privacy policy appears at the end of the lead form.

Marketers adding a lead form extension to a Video or Discovery campaign, will need to spend more than $50,000 in Google Ads.

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