Hypersonix And Relationshop Partner On Shopper Journey Platform

Hypersonix Inc. and Relationshop, Inc. are partnering on a platform that they say will enable retailers to provide personalized digital shopper journeys. 

The arrangement combines Hypersonix shopper analytics and the Relationshop Digital Experience platform. 

The goal is to enable retailers to “utilize the latest AI-powered innovations within their branded digital experience,” states Randy Crimmins, president of Relationshop. 

In addition, the firms hope to “improve shopper loyalty by fully enabling web, mobile and e-marketing best practices,” adds Todd P. Michaud, president at Hypersonix.

Users will benefit from Recency, Frequency and Monetary (RFM) analysis, and identification of micro-segments based on category participation, product and brand affinities.

Clients can avail themselves of email, text, push and social capabilities. 

Shoppers receive curated digital experience with behavior-based product recommendations, promotions and personalized circulars. 




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