YouTube Reveals Product Roadmap For 2021, From Commerce To TV

YouTube continues to build out a suite of ways to monetize commerce across the video site. Tests are underway to integrate shopping experiences that allow viewers to tap into the credibility and knowledge of creators they trust before making informed purchases directly on YouTube.

The goal is to expand on this content later in 2021, along with other projects that Neal Mohan, YouTube’s chief product officer, described on Wednesday in the first behind-the-scenes blog series about technology and product development across the video site.

In this post, Mohan previews forthcoming products in Shorts, YouTube Kids, YouTube TV, music and more.

The changes support YouTube’s global audience of more than two billion monthly logged-in users, as the company continues to build out custom experiences and apps that respond to unique needs.

Readers of this blog series also will learn directly from YouTube engineers, product managers, and designers. Each will provide a firsthand look into pushing the boundaries of online video.

YouTube, Mohan writes, wants to redefine the way the world experiences video. Plans are underway to offer an easier way to navigate the platform, bringing more updates across devices to help connect viewers with their favorite creators and content.

YouTube last year launched video chapters to help viewers more easily navigate within a video. This year, the platform will expand on this feature to allow creators to automatically add video chapters to relevant videos.

YouTube invested in the latest visual technologies, supporting a combination of SD, HD, 4K, VR, HDR, and live video on nearly every device with an internet connection. Later this year, the company will launch a redesign of the YouTube VR app home page to improve navigation, accessibility, and search functions.

The majority of YouTube videos are watched on mobile, but TV is the most rapid area of growth. YouTube TV supports more than 3 million paid subscribers and more than 85 networks, and offers unlimited DVR. Soon a new add-on option will allow viewers to watch available shows in 4K or download them to their DVR to watch later offline. The option will add unlimited concurrent streams at home, so many in the household can watch YouTube TV on different screens simultaneously.

Creators also will see improvements. Shorts is available in beta in India, but in the coming weeks, YouTube will expand the beta to the U.S.

Then there is YouTube Music, with more than 70 million official tracks, playlists, remixes, music videos, live performances, covers, and rare tracks that cannot be found elsewhere. As music shifts, YouTube will launch more personalized mixes centered on everyday activities and moods enjoyed with music, whether viewers/listeners are working out, relaxing, or commuting.

Children need a safer environment too. This year, YouTube Kids will offer new parental tools, including a highly-requested option that allows parents to add specific videos and channels from the main YouTube platform to their children’s viewing choices on YouTube Kids.

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