National CineMedia Strikes New Ad Inventory Management System Deal

Looking to compete better with growing digital media platforms. National CineMedia, the large U.S. in-theater advertising network, has made a new long-term deal with Unique X’s in-theater ad inventory system, Advertising Accord.

“[It will give] our advertising partners the ability to buy our cinema inventory the same way as they are used to buying other premium video and digital options,” states Tom Lesinski, CEO, National CineMedia.

Through nine months of 2020, NCM’s revenue was $74.7 million versus $297.6 million over the same period in 2019. The pandemic has significantly disrupted business, due to full or partial U.S. theater closures.

Unique X’s Advertising Accord will now manage all inventory on National CineMedia pre-show “Noovie” across the company’s networks of 57 theater chains -- including AMC Entertainment, Cinemark and Regal Entertainment Group. This totals over 20,600 screens in over 1,600 theaters in 190 U.S. markets.

Overall, the Dublin, Ireland-based company’s Advertising Accord platform is now in 40,000 global cinema advertising screens -- including the UK, U.S. and Canada.



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