Vizio Ads Kicks Off New Frequency Media Tool For Brands

With TV advertising frequency continuing to be a major issue among marketers on new TV digital and connected platforms, Vizio Ads, the smart TV advertising selling division of the Vizio TV set manufacturer, has started a new media tool -- Universal Frequency Control. 

Marketers can set limits on how often a Vizio TV within a household is exposed to specific ad creative when placing an ad on its platform.

It will also measure the number of times an ad is exposed to each TV in a household across linear, connected TV, video-on-demand and OTT. Marketers can limit the number of times a Vizio Ads media buy reaches a device per day, week or month.

Universal Frequency Control will work with Vizio’s Inscape data business, streaming from its automated content-recognition technology.

eMarketer projects total ad revenue on connected TV to grow to $11 billion for 2021.

Travis Hockersmith, vice president, platform business at Vizio, stated: “This solves a major problem marketers face when diversifying and managing their reach to TV audiences.”

Last October, Vizio merged Inscape with Vizio Ads.

Vizio’s Inscape has a database of more than 16 million U.S. TVs. Vizio’s SmartCast platform has more than 200 free, ad-supported TV channels.



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