Firm Says It Can Help B2B Brands Navigate CCPA

An email tool that helps B2B marketers firms navigate the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is being offered by DigDev Direct. 

The firm says its email lists are permission-based and that all messages contain an explicit opt-out. The objective is to “ensure that companies can stay competitive while keeping potential clients happy,” states DigDev Direct’s Thomas Manfredi.

The CCPA does not clearly address email, the company notes. And it’s not clear what makes this solution different from other permission-based email offerings. 

The CAN-SPAM Act requires that consumers be allowed to opt out of unwanted email, and other state bills could mandate even tougher rules as lawmakers seek to expand protections.

But DigDev Direct seeks to "balance a customer's desire for privacy with a company's need for robust outreach," Manfredi says. He adds that consumers "are very sensitive about their information, and they're tired of companies acting unethically just to make a sale.” 

In addition to email marketing, the Deerfield Beach, Florida-based company’s provides SEO, PPC and creative services.




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