Oregon Campaign Targets Post-Lockdown Travel/Tourism Dreamers

Oregon’s Tualatin Valley is introducing the “Great 2021 Getaway Giveaway” to encourage visitors to spend money in the region just outside of Portland. 

The campaign, developed by Levelwing, is awarding a total of 2,021 free hotel room nights valid from June 1 to December 31. Winners also receive free meals at local restaurants. The intent is to have a “mass impact” because travelers will not only have a hotel stay but will spend at local businesses, explains Steve Parker Jr., CEO/founder, Levelwing.  

People can find program details here

Levelwing and the region’s tourism leaders designed the contest to tap into the pent-up demand for travel.  The campaign received nearly 7,000 entries in the first few days of launch. Travel destination advertising has been minimal as of late, so offering an encouraging future travel opportunity is appealing, says Parker. “This is an opportunity to dream, to plan well and to enjoy.” 



The initial pitch was to do something that would be considered a recovery program for the local community in Tualatin Valley (travel and tourism being a key industry there) with a financial stimulus package of sorts, he adds. “Paying for the products “in-advance” today — hotel stays and a meal for example — helps the local hospitality industry in Tualatin Valley during the winter months and we parlay the giveaway to a couple thousand future visitors when time is right.” 

Still he admits given the complex nature of travel these days, the team wanted to make certain they thought through as many POVs and considerations as possible. As a result, the campaign imagery showcases the natural beauty of the area, and the messaging is specifically crafted to tap into the mindset of “future travel may not be that far away,” says Parker.



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