Toyota, Honda, Chevy Tops In U.S. 'Brand Health'

The Toyota brand name reigns supreme, at least in terms of “best overall brand health” as defined by YouGov. 

Toyota has a score of 36.2, followed by Honda (30.7) and Chevrolet (22.4) in YouGov’s 2021 Automotive Rankings in the United States, which cover Feb. 1, 2020  to Jan. 31, 2021.

The brand has been on a roll, also recently capturing the top spot in a study on brand intimacy. 

Rounding out the top five is Ford (22.0) and Subaru (21.7). Nissan takes sixth place with an index score of 17.6, followed by Lexus (16.4), Mercedes (16.2) and BMW (15.9). Jeep rounds out the top 10 with an Index score of 13.5.



The rankings are compiled using YouGov’s BrandIndex platform, which measures the public’s perception of thousands of brands across 23 markets from around the world.

Overall brand health takes into account perceptions of a brand’s reputation; whether consumers would recommend the brand; satisfaction and impression of the brand; and whether it represents good value and quality.

On a global level, some brands have performed better than others. Japanese and Germany manufacturers score tops in most instances.

Toyota, for example, took the number-one spot in eight of 23 markets, and appeared in the top 10 in 22, while fellow Japanese brand Honda finished in the top 10 in 13 markets.  

German automaker Volkswagen also made the top 10 in 13 markets, placing first in three -- with several of its sister brands such as Audi and Skoda also featuring prominently across multiple markets in the rankings.

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