Poshmark, Marie Kondo Team Up For New Campaign

America is still eager to clean out its closets, and Poshmark continues to benefit from people’s pandemic purging. To sweeten the urge to sell unwanted clothing on its website, it’s teamed up with Marie Kondo, perhaps the most famous face in the circular economy.

Besides starring in new ads where she encourages people to let clothes they used to love spark joy for someone else, Kondo is part of a sweepstakes where participants have the chance to win a free virtual consultation with KonMari, her company, as well as Posh Credit prizes.

D2C FYI emailed Steven Tristan Young, Poshmark’s CMO, for more details:

D2C FYI: What inspired this campaign? Is there any particular metric from Netflix’s “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo” that made you think Poshmark customers are especially responsive to her?

Steven Tristan Young: Marie Kondo has chartered a global consumer movement that has illuminated both the celebration and impact of items in our own homes. We are excited to work with Marie to underscore the importance of conscious consumption through resale and ignite inspiration in our communities.

Over the past year, shoppers have increasingly turned to resale platforms to extend the lifecycle of clothing, creating a more sustainable future. Our research finds that nearly 40% of the items in Poshmark users’ closets are secondhand, compared to 14% of the average shopper’s closet.

D2C FYI: Who is the target market?

Young: Our goal was to create a campaign that transcends age, background and style preferences. From old prom dresses and graduation suits to beloved concert paraphernalia or jewelry from a cherished first date, the sentimental connection to items we own is universal.

There is a vulnerability in giving these items away, but optimism and satisfaction in allowing them to live on with someone else. Resale is a more fulfilling and personal act of tidying up, and offers more meaningful benefits to the person, the product, and the planet.

D2C FYI: Where are ads running?

Young: The ads are from our agency, Glass + Marker, and are running nationwide.

D2C FYI: The resale market has been growing fast for years, fueled by consumer interest in the circular economy. How has COVID-19 accelerated that?

Young: The online U.S. resale market for apparel and footwear is estimated to have been $7 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow to an estimated $26 billion in 2023. That’s according to a report commissioned by GlobalData last year. The past year has been a huge period of growth for secondhand and resale as consumers, particularly younger generations, adopt efforts to reduce overall consumption and support a more sustainable economy.

Our research finds an estimated 16% of the Gen Z consumer closet is secondhand, compared to 10% of the baby boomer closet. And 72% of our U.S. users often consider an item’s resale value before purchasing.

One of Poshmark’s key differentiators is that our marketplace is sustainable and social. In a year defined by disconnect and isolation, consumers craved a channel for genuine human connection and personalized shopping experiences. Poshmark continues to provide a unique opportunity to be part of a vibrant, supportive, engaging community that facilitates a cycle of sparking joy for others and promotes a more circular economy. 

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