Newsletter Ad Network Debuts In South Florida, Set To Roll Out Nationally

An ad network designed to help media buyers match their brands with email newsletters has been launched by software-as-a-service platform Letterhead. 

The service, the Letterhead Ad Network, is debuting in South Florida and will soon roll out nationally. It now reaches more than 176,000 readers in the area. 

Created by, Letterhead specializes in helping creators, writers, publishers and marketers build email newsletters and communities.

Publishers can choose from such pre-built, tested ad types as sponsorships, banners, native content and listings. Or, they can build their own format with links, images, GIFs and emojis.

The South Florida roster includes such e-letters as:

 Refresh Miami, focusing on the Miami tech scene



 Choose 954, on culture and community in Broward County 

 O Cinema South Beach, delivering news from the nonprofit art house cinema.

The content featured in these newsletters is “authentic, engaging and representative of our community,” states Ana Mantica, direct of communications and digital engagement for the Miami Dade College Foundation.  

Letterhead is now looking for additional newsletter partners in the area., which has built similar communities in Seattle,  Portland, Orlando and Pittsburgh, says it has had to solve the   challenges faced by all content creators, including tech, workflows,  strategy and best practices.  


“We set out to do something new in local journalism, and are glad  to be able to share the love, growth and revenue with other South   Florida journalists,” states founder and CEO  Christopher Sopher. 



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