Wyndham's Road-Tripper Campaign Hits The Road As Hotels Ramp Up Incentives

Wyndham Hotels’ Super 8 has teamed up with actor and road tripper Oliver Hudson to share a message about today's travel concerns as Americans get back on the road.

In this latest PSA-style video launched today, Hudson is the voice of Coach, the football bobblehead, who helps his bobble-buddies prepare for their first road trip in a year.

He tells his team to get back to it. They respond. “I’m so excited to get back in the car,” the bobblehead dog says behind a COVID-19 mask. “I’m slobbering up a storm here.”

The bobbleheads talk to each other as they get ready for their first road trip since COVID-19 began last year.

“Thatta boy, but you gotta keep that mask dry,” the bobblehead coach says. “You have to keep that mask dry. Grab another from the glovebox.”

#JourneySafe returns as millions of travelers begin to show a new willingness to travel.

According to a recent third-party travel study shared by the United States Travel Association with its members, close to 9 out of 10 American travelers now have travel plans in the next six months.

The #JourneySafe, an award-winning campaign runs through the end of May and has a complete digital and social presence spanning paid, owned and earned media.

The campaign targets road trippers and road warriors ages 35 to 54, and takes an integrated approach designed to play into key and timely moments as travelers plan their next trip.

The organic social spots will run on Facebook, Instagram and other sites. Paid social will run on Facebook and Instagram, and digital video will run on YouTube pre-roll ads.

Consumers also will see digital display for video and banners running on top-tier consumer media sites like ABC, Mashable, and ESPN, among others.

There is also a possibility that the ads will serve up on other places, as the placements are dynamic and are driven by users who meet Wyndham’s demographics requests.

Wyndham also has an email Super 8 branded newsletters, and Wyndhamrewards newsletters, along with the Super 8 home page, Wyndham Rewards.


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