FlexEngage And Movable Ink Partner On Putting Personalized Content Into E-Receipts

flexEngage, a provider of personalized smart receipts for retailers, is working with Movable Ink to help clients provide content in e-receipts at a critical moment in the purchase cycle.

The goal is to “harness the power of personalization to deliver exciting new digital content to email audiences,” states Alex Bean, digital production manager at flexEngage.  

Movable Ink delivers personalized content across customer touchpoints based on behavior, contextual data, third-party insights and business logic.

flexEngage, now the official app of Movable Ink, will be able to deliver compelling visual content in e-receipts, it says. 

Vitamin Shoppe, which has been moving from paper toward e-receipts, “brought FlexEngage and Movable Ink, both existing partners, together to personalize our digital receipts,” states Scott Devlin, vice president of Applications at Vitamin Shoppe.



Movable Ink makes Healthy Awards information available to FlexEngage, which displays it to the customer at the top of the receipt, Devlin adds. 




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