Klaviyo Debuts Benchmarking And SMS Tools

Klaviyo has unveiled two tools that it says can help brands engage customers via multiple channels. 

One, Personalized Benchmarks, provides merchants with data-driven insights on their marketing efforts and makes suggestions for improvement. 

The other new offering, Conversational SMS, helps online brands communicate with customers via text. 

Klaviyo provides access to customer data in a single source, allowing brands to communicate via email, SMS and other channels in one platform, the company says.

The new benchmarking tool can be of great use in omnichannel campaigns, the company claims. 

“Benchmarking how you are doing against your peers gives relevant insight into where real possibilities lie,” states Andrew Bialecki, co-founder and CEO of Klaviyo, regarding the firm’s Personalized Benchmarks product. 

Bialecki adds: “Being able to communicate with customers on the platform they prefer helps to deepen frequency and quality of engagement.”

The SMS product allows real-time text responses within the platform, negating any need to move between various software dashboards, Klaviyo says. 




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