Mastercard Provides Microsoft Advertising, Zoho Marketing Offers, Discounts For SMBs

Mastercard is offering several tools and discounts for small business cardholders -- including these from Microsoft, QuickBooks and Zoho -- effective April 1. 

The goal is to help small business cardholders “meet the needs of the evolving consumer and operate in our digital world,” states Chiro Aikat, executive vice president of products & innovation in North America for Mastercard.

The new offerings include:

Microsoft Advertising — This allows SMBs to reach customers via paid search. Users will receive a $125 advertising credit after spending $10 with Microsoft Advertising.

Zoho Social and Marketing Plus — Mastercard BusinessCard cardholders receive 50% off one year of Zoho Social, a social media management tool. And World Elite Mastercard for Business cardholders are provided with 50% off Zoho Marketing Plus, a platform that helps brands manage their social media, run email campaigns and survey their customers 

Intuit QuickBooks Online Payroll — Cardholders will save 40% off QuickBooks Online Payroll for six months. The tool helps users engage with payroll and access health benefits and HR support for their clients.  






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