New Attribution Tool Is Based On First-Party Data

A new attribution platform based on first-party data is being offered by Abacus Growth Agency Inc.

The new tool, AbacusBI, measures newly acquired leads and re-opt-ins through a firm’s email or order-tracking systems. In addition, it starts capturing the user’s journey when a prospect begins interacting with a brand’s website. 

The service is based on platform-agnostic data, the company says.

AbacusBI is now available to a select number of new and current clients.

Abacus developed the service following Apple's privacy updates and the announcement of Facebook Analytics being no longer available after June 30, 2021, the firm continues.

"For the first time in history, brands are becoming hostage in a global battle between the world's largest advertising platforms," says Jeff Goldenberg, co-founder and chief strategy officer of Toronto-based Abacus. 

Abacus claims that the new tool protects brands from reliance on cookies, pixels and last-touch attribution models, Goldenberg says. 

Abacus CEO Peter Rentano observes that many struggle with "attribution due to the fact that they don't start with a sound attribution strategy at first.”




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