Account-Based Marketing Platform Offers Chat, Email Data Sets to Make Up For Loss Of Cookies

Terminus is offering a new data set that it claims will help brands compensate for Google’s phasing out of third-party cookies this year. 

The new data offering is built on household IP addresses collected from the firm’s Chat and Email Experiences product lines.

Brands can use this data to avoid relying on such out-of-data data as form fills, the firm says. 

“The rubber has hit the road, companies are starting to scramble to figure out how they’ll execute digital ads without cookies,” states Bryan Wade, chief product officer for Terminus.

Terminus, which specializes in helping firms conduct account-based marketing (ABM), has been working on this problem for 18 months, it adds. 

“When we acquired Sigstr and Ramble, it was so much more than just offering email signatures and chat functionality to our customers,” Wade says. 



Wade predicts that ESP-level data “is quickly going to become the most valuable data in ABM, and we’re at the forefront of that evolution.”

Tterminus claims that marketers could waste thousands of dollars per day on mistargeted ads by relying on historical data sets. 

These sets fail to account for changing IP addresses caused by service changes, downtime or power outages, it adds. 

Terminus serves such brands as DHL, G2, Outreach, and TripActions.

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