New Consortium To Offer Programmatic Interactive CTV Ads

Advertising and analytics platform Innovid, buy-side platform The Trade Desk and sell-side platform Magnite have formed an integrated marketplace to offer programmatic, interactive advertising at scale. 

The consortium of large, independent advanced-TV players seeks to overcome the lack of standardization across CTV that has forced advertisers to choose between programmatic buying’s targetability and efficiency and interactive CTV’s ROI-enhancing ecommerce and other engagement capabilities, according to Innovid CEO and co-founder Zvika Netter. 

Innovid’s platform supports interactive creative features including overlays and branded canvases, and functionalities including QR codes, app downloads and TV2Mobile. Its software development kit (SDK) enables personalized CTV interactive experiences through direct integrations across more than 50 publisher apps. 

Brands and agencies can now use Innovid to activate interactive ads programmatically through The Trade Desk and other DSPs, while publishers on Magnite and other SSPs can drive more CTV revenue by enhancing their inventory with interactive ads, according to the partners. 

Programmatic CTV impressions have increased 207% year-over-year in 2021 alone, according to Innovid iQ.

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