Microsoft Launches Facebook Import Tool

Advertisers will soon have the ability to import campaigns from Facebook Ads into Microsoft Advertising, similar to the Google Ads import feature. The news was announced at this year’s online Elevate conference earlier this week.

The feature in open beta, now available in select markets, can save advertisers time and gives them the flexibility to edit settings such as bids, budgets, targeting, and campaign names.

Advertisers can import audience targets and bring into Microsoft Advertising's ad platform the creative’s images and body copy.

Steve Sirich, GM at Microsoft, told Search & Performance Marketing Daily that businesses working with Microsoft Advertising can import collectively as many as 10,000 Facebook campaigns. The feature is being initially offered in the U.S. and UK.

The process works in a similar way to the Google Search Import tool. The tool helps marketers mirror the changes made in Google Ads account in Microsoft Advertising.

Marketers can import more than 5 million keywords and 4 million ads, and can choose the frequency -- for example, importing once, or setting up automatic imports on a daily basis.



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