Consumers Say Digital Video, CTV Ads Influence Travel Decisions

A new consumer survey from supply-side advertising platform Magnite aims to make the case that CTV should be a part of travel-related brands’ media plans as consumers prepare to resume travel and vacations. 

Magnite commissioned Lucid to conduct an online survey of 903 travel decision-makers who intend to travel within the next 12 months, and also subscribe to or share at least one of 22 advertising-supported streaming services listed.

The sample for the survey, conducted March 12-17, was balanced for age and gender. Question formats included binary choice, multi-select and five-point agreement statements (strongly agree through strongly disagree). 

In line with a Longwoods International tracking study in March, which found 87% of Americans planning to travel within the next six months, this survey found more than 80% of respondents already planning summer and fall trips, and similarly high percentages confirming plans to fly and to stay in hotels, motels and resorts. 

Respondents underscored the key role of video in travel research: 65% said they almost always watch a digital video of a travel destination before booking a trip. 

But it also found that professionally produced ads are nearly three times more effective than user-generated content in encouraging viewers to take action after viewing. 

As for connected TV in particular, 69% said they are open to watching ads on streaming TV because they are getting access to high-quality TV shows and films, and 63% said they specifically remembered seeing a travel ad on CTV in the past month. 

More than half (56%) agreed that travel ads on CTV are a “key source of inspiration, information and ideas,” 74% said digital video ads have allowed them to learn about travel opportunities they probably would not have known about otherwise; and 59 said they are more likely to consider a travel brand advertised on CTV than on traditional television.

Two-thirds (65%) said they had visited an advertiser’s website after seeing a travel ad on CTV, and 74% said they took two or more actions after seeing a CTV ad (for example, discussing the ad with someone or conducting further research).


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  1. Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc, April 27, 2021 at 10:43 a.m.

    Karlene, did this survey ask about regular"linear TV" ads as having an influence on travellers or ads that appear in travel magazines or was it only  about CTV ads? I would think that any travel ads that a consumer sees would have an influence, not just CTV ads.

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