Vizio, Verizon Media Make Data Access/TV Inventory Deal For CTV Ads

Vizio, the smart TV set manufacturer, and Verizon Media have struck a major data access and TV inventory deal -- all to foster better cross-platform and connected TV (CTV) advertising deals.

In January 2022, Verizon Media will be the exclusive demand-side platform (DSP) for Vizio’s Inscape, the TV automated content recognition (ACR) data company.

The companies say the deal puts together the largest footprint of opted-in ACR smart TV set data from Vizio -- 18 million homes -- with the biggest footprint of omnichannel data from Verizon Media -- 200 billion daily cross-screen signals from mobile and other digital devices.

Verizon Media’s DSP is a client of Inscape on a nonexclusive basis.

Also, Verizon Media’s supply-side platform (SSP) will have a “first-look” of unsold Vizio Ads smart TV inventory, which it can sell.



Vizio Ads has a direct sales team as well. After Verizon Media's decision on that inventory, other SSPs can then access Vizio inventory for sale.

Vizio says the deal will bolster its cross-platform ad retargeting product, Household Connect.

Mike O’Donnell, chief revenue officer, Platform+ at Vizio, stated that its deal with Verizon Media will allow it “to expand our reach" and "bridge the gap between TV and mobile.”

Both companies will have joint “transparency into demand from advertisers.”

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