Firm Adds Biometric Authentication To Email Encryption

Message encryption company Echoworx has added biometric authentication to its Email Encryption platform. 

This will allow users to access encrypted communications without the need for registration, questions or passwords, the company says. 

The goal is to “leverage biometric authentication, like fingerprint and facial recognition already built into devices, to access encrypted messages,” states Michael Ginsberg, CEO of Echoworx.

Echoworx points to Gartner research showing that over 60% of large enterprises hope to implement passwordless methods of authentication in over 50% of their business by 2022. 

 “Eliminating the need to manage and use passwords is the future, and we feel biometrics are the obvious frontrunner for achieving this goal,” Ginsberg says.

Ginsberg adds that “people trust their devices and mobile is the fastest growing channel for reaching customers.” 



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