Study: Shoppers Widely Disapprove Of Firms That Profit From Their Data

Consumers remain suspicious of firms that exploit their data, according to a new study by Invisibly. 

Of those polled, 79% do not approve of companies that to so. And 77% want to control access to their data.

However, the results vary by age. For instance, 87% apiece in the 24-40 and 55+ cohorts disapprove of firms that profit from their data. So do 85% in the 41-54 age group. 

Younger consumers also disapprove — but not quite as many: 74% apiece of individuals aged 18 and under and those 18-24 also disagree. 

The remainder agree: “It doesn’t bother me.”

Overall, 71% are aware that firms routinely earn money from selling their data. Drilling down, 81.8% of males say they know it, 64.9% and 64.3% of Non-Binary individuals. 

By age, 85% in the 41-54 bracket are aware, along with 80% of those 55+.

In contrast, 74% of consumers ages 24-40 understand this — compared with 68% ages 18-24 and 65% of those under 18. 

Contrary to some reports that people would earn money from their data if they could, 54% said no and 46% answered yes. 

Non-Binary people are least willing to profit from their data — 37.8% agree, versus 52.4% of females and 52.5% of males.

And consumers ages 55+ are less likely to agree than younger shoppers. 

Invisibly surveyed 1,320 people from April 23 to May 3. 


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