Video Streaming Ad Spend Doubles YOY

Video-streaming services' national TV advertising continues to soar. For the most recent four months of 2021, it is up 43% in estimated value versus the previous period, according to EDO Ad EnGage, an TV ad research and data service.

Much of this growth comes from legacy TV network-based media companies using their airwaves to place promotional/advertising messages for their new streaming services.

From January 21-May 21, video streaming was at $729.8 million in total estimated spending/advertising value -- which includes TV ad spending and the promotional advertising value of messaging.

This year, a major part of this growth -- Discovery+ -- launched in January. It placed massive levels of national TV messaging with an estimated ad value of $284.1 million -- virtually all on its sister Discovery Inc. linear TV networks.

The total of $729.8 million is up 43% over the previous four-month period ending in 2020, which hit $512.1 million -- and is double the level compared to a year ago (when it was $365.4 million).



Like Discovery Inc., ViacomCBS has done the same for its Paramount+ service in promoting the service on its linear TV network. It was at $89.8 million in national TV ad value for the most recent four-month period.

Other TV network-based companies with big premium streaming platforms include: Disney+, $52.1 million in value; Hulu, $35.7 million; and NBCUniversal’s Peacock, $26.4 million; Fox Nation, $23.4 million; AMC+, $20.7 million; HBO Max, $20 million; and the Disney bundle (Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+), $18.4 million.

By way of comparison, digital-first platforms' national TV ad spending for the most current period was Amazon Prime Video, at $49.9 million; Apple TV+, $30.4 million; and Netflix, $8.3 million.

A year ago, Amazon was at $65.3 million, followed by Disney+, up $40.2 million; Hulu, $39.1 million; and Apple TV+, $34.2 million.

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