New Tool IDs Consumers While Guarding Their Privacy, Firm Says

Brands seeking to identify consumers while still protecting their privacy have a new tool being offered by data collaboration platform InfoSum.

The new product, InfoSum Bridge, allows users to achieve addressability across channels and establish customer identity from multiple sources. 

InfoSum Bridge incorporates multiple identity providers across online and offline identity types, including deterministic, probabilistic, and cohort-level matches, the company says. 

The goal is to provide brands with control over their data, flexibility, and secure data collaboration with their partners,” states InfoSum CEO Brian Lesser.

Lesser adds, “Given we don’t own or control any data, InfoSum is uniquely positioned to be the objective connectivity layer. “

Several marketing partners have already tried InfoSum Bridge.



“The InfoSum Bridge solution provides our clients and partners a way to collaborate using their first-party data, resolved to Merkury IDs and data, with even greater freedom and confidence than with traditional clean room or safe haven approaches,” states John Lee, global chief strategy officer, Merkle.

InfoSum Bridge provides “a scalable environment for secure, data connectivity and collaboration,” adds Colin Grieves, managing director of Experian, which uses Bridge as “the core of the Experian Match.” Match is designed to help brands engage consumers while safeguarding their data and privacy, Grieves adds. 


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