Fox Entertainment, Bento Box Start NFT Unit, Blockchain Creative Labs, With $100M Funding

Looking to extract new digital value around new animated content, Fox Entertainment and its animation studio, Bento Box Entertainment, are starting a new $100 million creative fund to produce non-fungible tokens (NFT) around new content and experiences.

NFT are one of-a-kind digital assets -- photos, videos, and other digital files -- that can be sold, traded and owned.

NFTs are stored in a digital ledger, called a blockchain, which certifies that digital assets are unique.

The first NFT effort by Bento Box Entertainment -- creators of “Bob’s Burgers” and “The Great North” -- will involve the upcoming animated comedy series “Krapopolis,” from producer Dan Harmon (“Community” and “Rick and Morty”).

It will be the “first animated series to be curated entirely on the blockchain.”

The company says the new NFTs will “provide exclusive social experiences to engage and reward super fans.”

The new unit, called Blockchain Creative Labs, will provide content creators, IP owners and advertising partners with end-to-end blockchain computer-ecosystem solutions to build, launch, manage and sell NFTs.

Scott Greenberg, co-founder-CEO of Bento Box Entertainment, will be CEO of Blockchain Creative Labs.



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