Hearst Connecticut Group Launches News Site, Bolsters Staff

At a time when local news publications face serious challenges to their survival,  Hearst Connecticut Media Group HCMG has launched a news website, CTInsider.com, along with six email newsletters. 

The new site features the top stories from the state. HCMG’s network consists of 22 newspapers, 24 websites, two magazines, an app and other products. 

In the process, HCMG’s newsroom head count has grown to 160 staff members. 

The new newsletters include a morning briefing and themed products focusing on food, UCon sports, business, real estate and things to do. In addition, HCMG has added social-media accounts.



HCMG launched several premium websites in September 2019, and now reports that digital subscriptions are up 1,103% to date. Print subscriptions have risen by18% in that period.  

The group is also expanding its presence in Connecticut’s shoreline communities with a new site: CTInsider.com/shoreline. This site offers a mix of premium and free local content. 

HCMG’s mission is to “tell your stories, drive positive change through robust reporting and keep our readers informed on topics they care about,” states Wendy Metcalfe, HCMG’s vice president of content and editor-in-chief.

Metcalfe adds, “We have seen huge growth in our current markets which tells us readers value the work our newsrooms are doing.”  

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