Mastercard's 'True Name,' Woojer's 'Sick Beats,' Among Cannes Grand Prix Winners

Helping remote children in Pakistan obtain birth certificates, deodorant packaging designed for the disabled, and an “Act for Food” were among the Lions Grand Prix winners at the Cannes ad festival Thursday.

The Innovation Grand Prix went to Unilever and Wunderman Thompson Buenos Aires for “Degree Inclusive.” The adaptive deodorant was made specifically for people with visual or upper extremity impairments. Packaging includes Braille lettering and an opening where someone with dexterity issues can hold and apply deodorant.

Haptic technology company, Woojer, along with Area 23 of FCB Health, won the Radio and Audio Grand Prix for “Sick Beats,” a music-powered airway clearance vest to help people with cystic fibrosis. The vest uses sound frequencies from the music to loosen mucus.

The Mobile Grand Prix was awarded to Telenor for “Naming the Invisible by Digital Birth Registration.” There are 60 million children in Pakistan without a birth certificate, leaving them without access to public schooling, social security, and healthcare. An app used by community leaders, health workers, teachers, and medical staff reports birth counts using basic information that is then cross-referenced with local government databases, which creates a legal path to a birth certificate.

Nike and Wieden + Kennedy Portland won the Creative Effectiveness Grand Prix for “Crazy Dreams,” a campaign that celebrates athletes with out-of-this-world aspirations, and those who were counted out, not taken seriously, and stood for important social movements.

The Brand Experience & Activation Grand Prix went to MasterCard and McCann New York for “True Name.” The credit card company allows transgender people to display their chosen name on their credit card to prevent disrespect and abuse.

The Big Issue and LinkedIn, along with FCB Inferno London, won the Creative eCommerce Grand Prix for “Raising Profiles.” When the pandemic hit, a magazine sold on the street was in financial jeopardy. Street vendors took to LinkedIn and reconnected with passersby who typically bought the magazine. Vendors are now sharing content online, discussing articles in each issue, and driving digital sales.

The Creative Business Transformation Grand Prix went to Carrefour and Marcel Paris for “Act for Food.” This initiative aimed to change how people eat, improving the supply chain, the food system for farmers, and the world. The company sponsored 60,000 farmers, redesigned packaging, and made video surveillance mandatory in slaughterhouses. Shareholders even voted to write this vision into Carrefour’s company bylaws.

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