Ad-Supported Streamers Gain Traction, Survey Finds

There is more positive sentiment as well as growing trends for growing ad-supported premium streamers' video, according to a recent survey.

Piplsay found that 60% polled in a recent survey have “switched to ad supported streaming” -- in part or completely -- in the past year. The 60% number breaks down this way: 32% switching “to some extent” and 28% “completely.”

At the same time, 40% of respondents say they have not switched at all.

With regard to free, ad-supported VOD streamers, respondents gave NBCUniversal’s Peacock top honors -- a 23% share. The Roku Channel was next at 17%, followed by Pluto TV at 12%; Tubi at 11%; IMDb TV at 11%; and 6% each for Crackle and Vudu.

When it comes to paid subscription/ad-supported streamers, Hulu got the best results, at 34%. HBO Max earned 26%, while discovery+ came in at 11%, followed by Peacock at 10% and Paramount+ at 7%.

At the same time, when asked whether respondents might switch back to some ad-free streaming services, 54% said they would, while 25% were not sure and 21% said they would not.

The survey was conducted in the U.S., July 2-3, from 27,800 online responses of those 18 years and older.



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