New Tech Patent Expands Digital-First Advertisers' Ability To Buy Television Inventory

Viamedia’s ad-tech division, QTT, has received a patent that expands digital-first advertisers’ ability to buy local and national advertising on cable and broadcast TV through their digital DSPs, according to the company.

The patent enables connections to broadcast and cable programmers and their ad inventory that immediately increase digital-first advertisers’ access to local linear TV inventory from two minutes per hour (as enabled by another patent secured by QTT last year) to 15 minutes per hour nationally, says John Piccone, president of QTT.

“Local and national television inventory suppliers own the lion’s share of premium, fraud-free video advertising inventory, but digital-only advertisers have not been able to access this premium inventory through the demand-side platforms where they currently purchase all other digital media,” he adds. “There are many more digital advertisers than TV advertisers and this development allows all of those digital advertisers to access TV inventory and to avail themselves of brand-safe options that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their budgets.”

The patent (“Integrating Digital Advertising with Cable TV Network and Broadcast Advertising”) “completes the last mile that has been missing from previous efforts to connect the largest pool of premium video advertising inventory to DSPs and SSPs, while giving inventory owners control of the process,” stated Randy Lykes, CTO of QTT parent Viamedia, who is named on the patent.

QTT is a cloud-based solution that converts a single DSP/SSP digital ad call into a linear TV ad placement. Through integration with SSPs and DSPs and making advertising standards interoperable, it facilitates private marketplace deals with local broadcasters and broadcast and cable networks who have licensed QTT.

This is the third patent supporting the company’s digital/linear integration strategy to be issued over the past year.

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