Media Veteran Paquette To Lead New Content, Insights Unit At SmithGeiger

Data insights and content strategy firm, SmithGeiger Group has hired Aaron Paquette to head its newly-created division, AccelerateSG.

AccelerateSG will serve as a dedicated division for brand, content, and creative insights, addressing emerging trends in television broadcasting and other media.

The new unit will help brands to determine the efficiency and responsiveness of digital and creative marketing campaigns.

“We look forward to helping brands in all categories accelerate their sales growth, strategic goals, and social goodwill,” said Paquette. “Today, every brand is a media brand, and we have the skills and expertise to help them effectively create content, connect with consumers, and convey their message.”

AccelerateSG partners with media, tech, consumer product goods, retail, and leisure brands to increase their online growth rate by providing answers to marketing, branding, creative and regulatory issues.

Paquette will serve as founder and chief strategist and be based in Los Angeles.

Previously, he helped build and refine media and TV best practices at companies such as CBS, Sony Pictures Entertainment, OTX, Nielsen Entertainment, Vision Critical, and Screen Engine/ASI.





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